Daily Archives: Friday, 19th Sep 2008

Weight Report – 19 September 2008

How odd. Up again today. More of that random wossname stuff, probably.

On a more positive note, I did succeed in walking to and from work every day this week, for the first time this year. And as I don’t have a daily walking record for previous years, all I can say it’s the first time in a long time.

Talk Like a Pirate Day 2008

It be t’day, me hearties! Arrrrrrrrrrrr![1]

[1] So if anything looks odd on the site today[2], that may be the reason[3]
[2] More odd than normal[4], that is
[3] Unless it’s just my general oddness, of course
[4] That’s “normal for here” rather than “normal normal”, you understand