Sony Reader – Interim Report

Today was the first long test of my Sony Reader. Three hours on trains, with only the Sony Reader to preserve my sanity[1]. I’m pleased to say that it performed perfectly. The text reamained clear and easy to read, and the page turn button fell conveniently under my thumb. I finished the Doctor Who ebook that I started at the weekend[2], then read all of Doctor Jekyll and Mr Hyde and made a start on 1984.

No eyestrain, and it’s really nice only having to take one book-like object with me. I’ll have a longer trip to London at the end of next month, which will involve some downtime, so I’ll be taking the Reader with me then.

So far, I like it a lot. We’ll see if that changes over time, and I’ll certainly report if I have any trouble with it…

[1] Such as it is
[2] A review may follow