It’s the end of the world as we know it?

You can hardly have missed all the speculation, nonsense and general FUD generated by people who think that CERN’s Large Hadron Collider is going to create a Black Hole and generally cause the End of the World, or at least some general nastiness. Well, with the recent news that the LHC has had a bit of a technical problem, and won’t be able to bring about the downfall of civilisation until some time next year, the gloom mongers must be feeling very disappointed. But there’s more than one way to make everything disappear into itself…

Today at work, we were reconfiguring the firewalls, and needed to make sure that the temporary firewall we had put in place while we trashed the misbehaving permanent ones was doing what it should. We knew web access and email was working, but we needed to make sure that the VPN (Virtual Private Network) was working so people could work from home (or indeed anywhere else they might be). So I did a quick test.

I used Logmein to connect to my Mac, which happened to be running. Once on the Mac, I fired up my Windows XP virtual machine. From there, I started up the VPN, which connected immediately. But I had to make sure that the connection was really working[1], so I had to connect to some resource or other on the office network. Hmmm. RDP onto a server? Open a file or two? Naaaah, too boring. I decided to use VNC to connect to my laptop. Yes, the laptop that I was using to connect to the Mac that was running the VM that was running the VPN that was running VNC.

I managed to get this screenshot before the office disappeared into the infinite depths of nested remote control sessions…

Oh dear

Oh dear

Sometimes, I’m so geeky that I impress myself. :clap:

[1] I’ve seen sessions that connect but don’t actually let you do anything. Not all that useful, really…