Daily Archives: Sunday, 28th Sep 2008


As I mentioned earlier, I’ve been to have a look at the work being done on my flat. I’ll have some more pictures to put on show later, but here’s one to be going on with, which shows the layers of wallpaper that were holding up the kitchen wall…



Time for some redecoration

That mosaic effect was probably quite the thing at whatever time it was put up, but it must have made the room seem very dark.

Weight Report – 28 September 2008

Hmm. No change today.

I had a bit of a walk earlier, to have a look at progress on the redevelopment of Losing it[1] HQ. It’s looking very bare at the moment. Pictures may follow, when my tuit supply improves.

The incredible shrinking sidebar

If you happened to visit Losing it[1] between yesterday afternoon and about now, you might have noticed a slight absence of the sidebar. :eek:

This was caused by me making a mess of setting up what should have been a nifty new feature :oops: . I’ll do some more testing on a test site before I try that again! :dizzy: