Acer Aspire One A110-AW

There are lots of these little things on the market at the moment – dinky little laptops with tiny screens and a basic spec[1] at moderately reasonable prices. Well, some are more reasonable than others – I’ve seen a few which compare very badly with the prices of basic normal latops.

But this little beastie seems to have it just about right. It runs Linux, so its 512MB RAM is actually enough to be usable, and its 8GB SSD storage isn’t too bad[1].

I’ve been looking at various netbooks (as they’ve become known) for a while now, but I’d just about decided not to bother. Then I happened to visit Amazon, and found they’d cut another £20 off the price. And somehow, £180 looked a lot more attractive than £200. So I bought one, and it arrived today.

I’ve got it for two purposes:

  1. To have a really portable computer
  2. To have a bit of fun learning to fiddle with Linux

I’ve started tweaking and twiddling, following instructions, hints and other Good Stuff on a nifty forum:

Acer Aspire One User Forum

It’ll take me a while to get used to it, and to do more stuff with it, but so far, I like it. This post was written on the surprisingly usable keyboard, and my site is nicely readable on the small, but bright and sharp screen.
[1] And it’s easily expanded by putting a SDHC card in a dedicated slot. Automagic instant expansion of storage