More on WordPress 2.7

There’s a detailed and informative post on the WordPress Development Blog which talks about the new admin interface, and in particular why another drastic change is being introduced so soon after the drastic change that came with WordPress 2.5.

Usability Testing Report: 2.5 and Crazyhorse

A lot of people[1] made a lot of fuss about the 2.5 redesign, and I get the impression that the developers weren’t expecting so much negative reaction. But they took the very sensible step of having some formal usability studies done, using both 2.5 and the then very rough development version known as Crazyhorse. And the results were overwhelmingly in favour of the latter, even in its unfinished form.

And it’s the ideas in Crazyhorse, which are not too far away from those in Fluency Admin, which I’ve been using to make 2.5 a more pleasant experience, which in turn inherited ideas from an earlier admin theme, that have led to the actually rather nice new design we’ll be enjoying when 2.7 is released next month.

The new interface looks like a major step forward for WordPress – it makes it look a lot more like an application than a webpage. I’ve been testing it, and so far everything works – including some nifty new features which I’ll talk about later…

[1] Including me