WordPress 2.7 is now available

Yes, while  I was asleep, the decision was made, the metaphorical button was pushed, and the deed was done. There have been some tweaks and twiddles since RC2, which have dealt with a few last minute issues, and it should therefore be fine for most people to go ahead and install.

Full details are on the WordPress Development Blog, which tells me that the Jazz-related code name for this version is Coltrane, which makes it the first one in ages named after someone I’ve heard of. :laugh:  You’ll also find some background on the development of the new version.

You can get it from the usual place in your choice of zip or tarball. (And if you don’t understand that, you most likely want the zip version which the big friendly Download button will give you.

As always, before upgrading make sure you have a backup of your database and any files you’ve changed. It’s also a good idea to disable all your plugins first – while most plugins that work with 2.6 should be fine with 2.7, some breakage may occur, so turn them off, then re-enable them one at a time after the upgrade.

And once you’ve installed 2.7, unless your webhosting is severely annoying, you’ll be able to use the nifty new automatic upgrade feature to keep up with all future releases. I just used it to upgrade from RC2 to the final release, and it’s even quicker than using the excellent script[1] I’ve used previously.

If you have problems with the upgrade, pop over to the WordPress Forums, where you’ll quite likely fins someone else has had the same issue and it’s already been solved. Or at least someone should be able to give you a suggestion or two.

[1] That’s Brian Layman’s EasyWPUpdate – could still be useful if you have a lot of sites to update, as it’ll do them in one easy batch operation, but I won’t be needing it myself from now. So long and thanks for all the fish, Brian :wave: