Mmmmm, Music

For anyone who’s been asleep lately, Amazon have now brought their MP3 store to the UK. This means you can now legally buy DRM-free MP3 music tracks which will play on any portable music device at prices generally well below those charged by Apple’s iTunes for DRM restricted tracks. Single tracks start at 59p, and there is a quite large range of albums for just £3, which is pretty good, really.

You can download a little download manager tool (available for Windows, Mac OS X and Linux) which quite apart from getting all your purchased tracks for you will also automatically import them into Windows Media Player or iTunes.

I gave this a try this morning, and I can confirm that the Mac version does exactly what it should. If you want to buy some music and you’d like to save some money, give it a look – I’d suggest starting on their current special offers page.

This is definitely worth watching – now iTunes has some serious competition[1], prices might just begin to fall…

[1] Yes, I know there are other services around, but none have the infrastructure or buying power of Amazon. And as most people seem to have accounts with Amazon already, they won’t even have to sign up for anything new, or wonder if they really want to give their card details to yet another company…

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