Taking the minimal approach

As a sort of experiment in minimalism, I decided to travel light this time. I brought my dinky little Acer Aspire One rather than a more powerful and larger laptop, and my equally dinky and little Canon PowerShot A460 camera rather than the much better, but much larger 30D.

Transferring pictures from the camera to the computer is just as simple as with Windows or Mac OS X – plug in the camera and click “Copy”, and the files are saved in the usual way. Of course, I don’t have Lightroom on this computer, so I don’t have all my usual tricks at my disposal, so I’m relying on the Canon’s automagic image processing. Uploading to Flickr works as normal, and I’m using the linked free tools from Picnik for basic image editing – just a bit of rotation on the ones I’ve done so far.

And while it’s not quite as quick and flexible as my normal routine, it all works well enough. Good to know that quite useful results can be obtained with relatively cheap equipment and free websites.