Doctor Who: The Next Doctor

Well, that was fun. The build-up to the 2008 Doctor Who Christmas special turned out to be an even more impressive piece of misdirection than I was expecting.

I was expecting it to be some kind of trick – I knew that David Morrissey’s character was most unlikely to really be the Doctor, but I really had no idea who he could be, or how he came to be doing such a good Doctor impression. Russell T Davies kept me guessing for long enough to keep things very interesting indeed, and there was more than enough chasing, running and Cyberman action[1] to make it the usual thoroughly entertaining seasonal romp[2].

And no, I’m not doing the usual plot summary – you’ll have to see it for yourself if you haven’t already done so. :tongue:

But to end on a serious note – when the “Doctor” asks the Doctor why he’s now travelling alone, he explains that people move on, or find someone else, or (in a touching reference to Donna) that they forget him.

They break my heart

Beautiful stuff. Remember, there will only be four special episodes of Doctor Who in 2009, which will involve Russell T Davies and David Tennant leaving the show, which suggests to me that they’re going to be very, very big – not just as a send-off, but also to give Steven Moffat and the actual Next Doctor (whoever that turns out to be) a tough act to follow. Which should also help make sure Steven gets the budget he needs. :bouncy:

[1] Delete! Delete!
[2] Not a word I use a lot, but it seemed appropriate