Wallace and Gromit: A Matter of Loaf and Death

Yesterday was a good one for TV. Not only did we get the traditional[1] Doctor Who Christmas Special, we also had that much rarer treat: a new Wallace and Gromit short film.

And what a joy it was: filled with the usual mixture of movie references, puns so bad that even I would hesitate to utter them, yet another doomed romance for Wallace, gadgets that would make Thunderbirds jealous, and a deranged Cereal Killer (bumping off bakers…).

It’s amazing work – you completely forget that what you’re watching is painstakingly made stop motion animation[2] and find yourself completely believing in the characters – especially the long-suffering Gromit, who manages to convey a huge range of expressions, despite not having a visible mouth.

Wonderful stuff, which will repay repeated viewings to catch some of the references you missed the first time.

[1] Yes, it’s a tradition. Has been since the first one.
[2] Well, except when you can see fingerprints on the figures. I like that.

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