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2008 Round-up

In a noble tradition stretching back to, oooooh, last year, here’s a quick round-up of the year.


Last year, I was moderately relieved that I’d managed to get my weight down a wee bit, though I was hoping to make some real progress in getting my weight down quite a lot more. Well, that didn’t really happen, and my weight’s been fluctuating wildly throughout the year. It’s been quite a lot higher – as much as 222.6 pounds (15 stone 12.6 pounds, 101 kg) in the summer after a low of 210.4 pounds (15 stone 0.4 pounds, 95.4 kg) in February. I ended the year at much the same weight as I started it. While that’s not as bad as it might have been, it’s not all that good either.

So, I need to give myself some proper targets. I’d like to get my weight below the dreaded 200 pounds (14 stone 4 pounds, 90.7 kg) level, and preferably below the 14 stone mark. And I need to keep it there. This may require more self-discipline than I actually have, but we shall see…


Despite losing the will to post over the last few months, overall this year was another record-breaker:

2003: 2 posts
2004: 515 posts
2005: 576 posts
2006: 620 posts
2007: 747 posts
2008: 833 posts

You can see the monthly totals on the Archives page, if you’re interested in such details.

It’s quite clear that if I hadn’t lost it a bit over the last few months, I could easily have reached 1,000 posts this year, which would have been quite a lot.

And finally…

Happy New Year to anyone and everyone who reads this stuff. Let’s hope for a good one….

December 2008 Round-up

Another month[1] ends, so it’s time for one of these thingies


December 1: 212 pounds (15 stone 2 pounds, 96.2 kg)
December 31: 215 pounds (15 stone 5 pounds, 97.5 kg)
Difference: A distinctly random rise of 3 pounds (1.4 kg)

This month saw my weight fluctuating more widely than ever, from a very low[2] start to as high as 218.2 pounds (15 stone 8.2 pounds, 99 kg) before coming down a bit.


Generally being bad. Especially at this time of year.


I’m lacking statistics for one week, but overall, in general I walked to work most of the time, and got the bus back most days. I’ll try to improve on that when I go back to work next week.


Still a bit low, but including this post, I’ll have done 28, which is ten more than last month, which has to be a major improvement!


Some photography has happened, and my flat is just about done, so I should manage to relocate to Losing it[1] HQ over the next few days.

[1] And indeed, year. But that’s another post
[2] By recent standards, anyway

Rickrolling is over…

No, I’m not going to post any links that will make you look at a naff 1980s pop video that I didn’t like at the time any more than I do now[1], but I thought this little gem from the ever wonderful xkcd might amuse. As ever, click the image to go to the site and see the whole thing – it’s worth it. And don’t forget the hover text:

xkcd: Party

xkcd: Party

I hope you enjoyed that :grin:

[1] That would be not at all

Sir Terry Pratchett

I’ve long thought that if we have to have an absurd honours system with silly titles, we should at least try to dish out the things to the right people. Quite some time ago, Terry Pratchett was awarded the OBE[1], and now at last he’s got the upgrade: he has been awarded a knighthood for services to literature :bouncy: :bouncy: . And about time, too.

BBC News has a short profile with a nice quote on the nature of Discworld from the man himself:

It started out as a parody of all the fantasy that was around in the big boom of the early ’80s, then turned into a satire on just about everything, and even I don’t know what it is now.

And you know, that really does sum it up nicely – the first couple of books are indeed a parody of Serious Fantasy, then he quickly moved on to the more serious (and more funny) business of using the Discworld as a means of telling stories about, well, us. Marvellous stuff.

[1] An award whose full name is far too silly to mention[2]
[2] Oh, if you insist: Officer of The Most Excellent Order of the British Empire[3]
[3] Observant readers will note that our Terry is an officer of an order of something that doesn’t exist. Quite wonderful, really…