Sir Terry Pratchett

I’ve long thought that if we have to have an absurd honours system with silly titles, we should at least try to dish out the things to the right people. Quite some time ago, Terry Pratchett was awarded the OBE[1], and now at last he’s got the upgrade: he has been awarded a knighthood for services to literature :bouncy: :bouncy: . And about time, too.

BBC News has a short profile with a nice quote on the nature of Discworld from the man himself:

It started out as a parody of all the fantasy that was around in the big boom of the early ’80s, then turned into a satire on just about everything, and even I don’t know what it is now.

And you know, that really does sum it up nicely – the first couple of books are indeed a parody of Serious Fantasy, then he quickly moved on to the more serious (and more funny) business of using the Discworld as a means of telling stories about, well, us. Marvellous stuff.

[1] An award whose full name is far too silly to mention[2]
[2] Oh, if you insist: Officer of The Most Excellent Order of the British Empire[3]
[3] Observant readers will note that our Terry is an officer of an order of something that doesn’t exist. Quite wonderful, really…

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