Ian McNabb – Merseybeast: A Musical Memoir

Regular readers[1] will be aware that I’ve been a fan of Ian McNabb with our without the Icicle Works for, ooooh, ages. So when I heard he was writing a book, I knew I’d have to get it, and indeed I did just that.

This isn’t so much an autobiography as being on the receiving end of a long chat with a guy you met in the pub. He tells his story as he sees it – brutally honest about who treated who badly (even when he comes out as “the bad guy”). It’s a fun, quick read, and if you’re at all interested in Ian, or in the music industry in general, you should enjoy this.

It’s even got an introduction written by Janice Long – what more can you ask for?

[1] Insert standard guff about literary devices and pretending, etc