Weight Report – 4 January 2009

Hmmm. Down a teeny bit today, despite eating quite well last night. Must have been all that moving and shifting I was doing.

Today was a similarly active day, in which I moved the last bits out of the living room, set up my TV, DVD player, amplifier and speakers[1], found homes in the kitchen for the pans and baking trays and suchlike, then sort of tidied up a bit.

After all that, I have a sitting room I can sit in, a kitchen I can cook and eat in and a bedroom I can sleep in. Woo, and indeed, hoo. There’s lots more still to do – books, CDs and DVDs to put on shelves, odd bits of furniture to be bought, and stuff to sort out before the spare bedroom becomes a permanent junk heap. But all that can be done gradually – for now, I’m reasonably happy.

[1] Including a quick trip to Newcastle for speaker cable and other such things