Metric Conversion Guide

Now this is useful. It’s also funny, geeky and more than a little silly[1]. xkcd presents a useful guide to metric measurements:

xkcd: Converting to Metric

xkcd: Converting to Metric

As usual, click the image to see the whole thing.

Leaving aside the geeky silliness[2], this is actually a good idea – you’re much more likely to understand measurements if you have a feel for them, which is why even generally quite metricated Brits of a certain age[3] still think of their height in feet and inches and their weight in those odd stone thingies. But never mind that, just enjoy the silliness.

[1] Which is pretty much how I like to think of myself, so I feel a certain affinity :rofl:
[2] The last entry in the speed list is a particularly fine example of that
[3] Actually, at my age, I think I might need to start being less certain about it