Panasonic KXTG7324 DECT Phone System

Now that my flat has been fully refurbished, and I’m living in rather more rooms than I used to[1], my old single phone wasn’t really going to do the job. It was a reasonably good DECT cordless thingy with an answering machine built in, and in theory I could have just got some random DECT handsets, and they’d all have played nicely together. But you know how it is with standards. And more to the point, the answering machine involved pressing arcane combinations of buttons on the handset, which I always had trouble remembering. So I decided that it would be better to get something new, and after a bit of research, I settled on this set – you can get it with fewer (and quite possibly more) handsets if you prefer, but I thought four would be a good number which would enable me to make and take calls from most parts of the flat without having to run for the phone.

The answering machine bit has proper buttons on the base station, so I won’t have that problem any more, and all the phones in the pack were already matched to each other, so setting up is literally a matter of plugging in. It’s reasonably easy to enter names and numbers into the handsets – you can store up to 100, which compares well to a lot of mobiles. One clever feature is that if you enter a number into one handset on the system, you can send it to the others, which saves a lot of effort. Similarly, you only need to set the date and time on one handset.

Having made a few calls today, I can say that the sound quality is clear and that the handsets feel nicely balanced in the hand and look quite nice too.

If you’re after home phones, these are worth a look.

[1] Due to a lack of heating and a surfeit of junk, I was not using all the available space as well as I could