Successful Saturday

In a change to my normal routine, I didn’t go to Tesco’s this morning, as I was waiting for Virgin Media to come and reconnect my V+ box, my cable modem and my shiny new phones[1]. I got a call on my mobile from the engineer, telling me he was on his way. He turned up and connected everything where I wanted it, and did a nice tidy job of it too.

First, and most importantly – my internet service worked immediately :bouncy: :bouncy: :bouncy: . It’s not that I’m addicted, I can give it up any time I want to :crazy: , but it’s how I generally communicate and do business, and with only limited time to check things at work, I was feeling distinctly disconnected.

Then came the problems – while I was having the work on the flat done, I’d taken advantage of Virgin’s handy “Time Out” service – this lets you suspend all your services, but keeps your account open and your phone number valid, which is just what I needed. But it seems not everything was reactivated when it should have been. The phone was helpfully not making calls (it could receive just fine, and I could call Virgin’s customer support line), and the V+ box was only showing basic channels and was telling me I didn’t have the V+ service active.

I called the number and was told an update was being sent to my V+ box, and that if this didn’t work, I should call the faults number. I left it for a while to go shopping and have something to eat, then called the faults line. After a not too long hold period, I got through to someone who immediately got the TV channels activated, then checked into the V+ thing. It seemed that this hadn’t been turned on at all, but as this was a service configuration issue rather than an actual fault, he’d have to refer me to Customer Care. And remarkably, I was put through to the right department[3], and again an update was sent to the box, which rebooted itself and came back with my lovely V+ service. I then asked about the phone – everything seemed to be fine with that, so I was passed back to faults, who found the problem and fixed it. Total length of call was twenty minutes, which wasn’t too bad, especially as it was 100% successful.

So, that’s good service all round from Virgin – yes, there were problems, but they were dealt with promptly, efficiently and courteously. Well done, guys. :yes:

[1] Which I haven’t got a link for so far[2]
[2] Unless you’re reading this later, and I’ve put one in
[3] They get bonus points for connecting me rather than telling me to call back on a different number