Too clever for his own good?

Today’s xkcd is lovely.

xkcd: I'm an Idiot

xkcd: I'm an Idiot

Click the image to see the whole thing, and make sure you read the hover text…

Thinking about it, I know someone who’d probably do much the same[1]. Or something more complicated.

[1] Yes, you Mr Miller!

12 thoughts on “Too clever for his own good?

  1. Kevin Miller

    I did once setup a laptop with a webcam and some sound files so I could scare my child and watch him while he was home alone…

    I went low tech at home. I have a key in a lock box outside.

  2. Les Post author

    Gravatar is working just fine. They stopped doing transparent PNGs for a while, which is why yours is broken. If you recreate it and upload again at, it will be restored to its former glory.

    Anyone without a gravatar gets a personal icon generated by some means or other from their email address.

  3. Twisty

    Cool, thanks. On websites (such as this one), what does Gravatar use to recognize me and display my avatar – my “Name” or “email address”?

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