White Lies – To Lose My Life…

Hmmmm. White Lies have been getting a lot of attention for a new band. Appearing on various lists of acts most likely to be big in 2009, and all that sort of thing. Well, I’d heard the current single To Lose My Life quite a few times and enjoyed it without actually knowing who it was, and further investigations led me to think that this was indeed my kind of thing. Yes, they’re another of those indie bands with a Big Vocal and something approaching a Wall of Sound featuring sounds that at times call to mind such classic acts as The Jesus and Mary Chain and the inevitable Joy Division. Perhaps the most recent successful band they could be compared with would be Editors, but they’re not quite as cheery as those guys.

Anyway, I pre-ordered the album (due out tomorrow) from iTunes, and got an email this morning telling me it was available for download. I’m giving it a listen now, and I like what I’m hearing. It’ll no doubt take a few more listens to really get into it, but so far it’ll do very nicely indeed.

Sample lyrics from the title track:

Let’s grow old together and die at the same time

I said “I’ve got no time I have to go”
And I was more right than I will ever know
He said “my heart is fate” well mine’s regret
and left him crying next to the chapel steps

All of which is either complete nonsense or deeply profound. Either way, it all sounds good, and it’s well worth a listen.