I may be quacking up…

I’ve mentioned the excellent photography-themed webcomic[1] What the Duck a few times. It gives me a laugh most days, and I like the fact that the creator allows anyone to pretty much use the strips any way they like on their own sites. So when I got an email last week offering the chance to buy a What the Duck plush toy, I decided it was well worth getting something cool and giving some support to the site at the same time. I ordered it last week, and to my surprise it arrived today. In the box was a little thank you note with an invitation to share any pictures I might want to take of my new duck.

So here are a few of the duck making some new friends. I may take some more and add them to the Flickr set.

Oh yes – one more thing. The duck came with the usual cardboard tag with instructions:

Please remove tag before giving this toy to a child or adults with a hang tag fetish

I like that.