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Hmmm. I was wondering about that…

For reasons best known to itself, the server that runs Losing it[1] decided that it didn’t want to send me emails relating to comments. This did lead to some delays in getting new comments approved, as I didn’t know about them until I logged in to my WordPress Dashboard.

It seemed to stop some time jsut before Christmas, but I only took serious notice yesterday when I realised that it wasn’t sending me my regular database backups either.

I gave it a quick restart, which didn’t seem to have any effect, then logged a support call. This morning, I found loads of old comment notifications and database backups. The pesky thing had been hoarding them all along!

I’m not sure if it was my reboot or support doing something that made it let go of all those messages, but it should be OK now.

I’ll comment on this post to confirm that.

3 thoughts on “No comment

  1. Les Post author

    This is a pointless comment to make sure the server will tell me about comments instead of keeping the notifications to itself. Naughty server!

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