Tom and Jerry: Live Action Remake?!?

There are some news stories that really make me wonder…

It’s alleged that Hollyweird types are planning a “live action” movie based on the classic Tom and Jerry cartoons. Presumably they’re thinking of CGI or 3D animation rather than actual actors in cat and mouse suits, but there again, you never know with Hollyweird.

The BBC report, which seems to have been lifted from trade paper Variety with no independent thought or analysis applied[1], mentions the frankly awful Scooby Doo movies, which featured a definitively bad CGI Scooby that looked nothing at all like the original. Technology has moved on a lot since then, so any new version of Tom and Jerry shouldn’t be that bad, but I’d be much happier if they concentrated on developing new material rather than remaking perfectly good existing things.

There’s a line attributed to Michael Caine[2] that comes to mind at times like this:

Why don’t they remake the bad ones?

He was[3] referring to the quite unnecessary Hollyweird remakes of Get Carter and The Italian Job, so I’m inclined to agree….

BBC NEWS | Entertainment | Tom and Jerry in live-action film

[1] This is depressingly common on the BBC News site. I’m sure the BBC used to be more of a news gathering organisation rather than a “copy a press release or other site’s half-baked story” operation. Mutter.
[2] Though, like many such attributions, it may be spurious or misapplied.[4]
[3] Assuming he actually said it
[4] Good line, anyway