Cooking again!

I should probably start taking pictures of this kind of thing. This evening, I did something I used to do quite regularly, but haven’t done for, err, well, quite a few years. I cooked myself a chilli con carne. Not entirely from scratch, you understand – I used one of the readily available sauce jars. The one I picked up came with a separate section containing a spice mix and a jar containing the tomatoes, kidney beans and other such stuff.

I made it with 500g of good quality minced beef rather than the 350g suggested, and added a chopped fresh red chilli and a couple of cloves of fresh garlic to make it a bit more interesting. I had half of it with some potato wedges, and the other half is in the freezer ready to enjoy another day.

This tasty and moderately spicy concoction was washed down with a glass of Leffe Blonde Belgian beer. Nice.

I’m beginning to get into this proper (or semi-proper) cooking business…