I’ve been meaning to mention ITV’s latest Saturday evening bit of silliness for a while now, and I suppose just over half way through the series is as good a point as any…

Demons started off with eighteen year old Luke meeting the godfather he never knew he had. The godfather (no, not The Godfather) is played by Phillip Glennister (Gene Hunt from Life on Mars and Ashes to Ashes) speaking in an accent that sounds like Gene Hunt trying to sound American. Well, perhaps it’s an authentic rendition of how people speak in some part of America or other, but it doesn’t sound like it…

Anyway, Galvin (the godfather) tells Luke that his real name (Luke’s, that is) is Van Helsing, and that he’s the traditional last descendant of the Van Helsing in Dracula who was slightly less fictional than Luke (or anyone else) might have thought.

Galvin introduces Luke to a new world. All around us are “entities” – otherwise known as “half-lifes”. These come in various levels of power and nastiness, and Galvin is a self-appointed smiter of such beings. Yes, smiter. He’s given to warning annoying entities that if they don’t do what he wants he will “surely smite” them, which doesn’t sound any less silly when he says it…

Also along for the ride is a blind musician by the name of Mina Harker. Now anyone with even a slight familiarity with even a movie of Dracula might recognise that name and think that she might possibly turn out to be a wee bit older than she appears, but it wasn’t until the fourth episode that the truth about her was revealed, to the total lack of surprise to me, at least.

And finally, there’s Luke’s best friend Ruby who gets dragged into all the adventures. She does, of course, have the traditional unrequited love thing going for Luke, who equally traditionally has no clue whatsoever of this.

It’s all harmless fun, really. There’s some nice make up for the assorted demons, creatures, vampires and so on, some moderately good visual effects, and an engaging cast (well apart from Gene Phil’s dodgy accent, maybe). I can’t really see it having a long life, but I’ll be watching the remaining two episodes.

One thought on “Demons

  1. Gerard McGarry

    You are so right – it’s enjoyable enough fare, but with only 6 episodes to establish characters and to justify a second series, I don’t think they’ve done enough to capture our interest. I’m inclined to give most shows a fair trial, and like you I’ll watch it to the end without any real hope of it returning.

    I think they made a massive error in casting Luke and Ruby. Christian Cooke’s far too pretty to be taken seriously, and Holly Grainger is very irritating.

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