Robert Rankin – Necrophenia

Yes, he’s back! It’s been a slightly longer interval than normal between books from the Master of Far-Out Fiction, so I’d been eagerly anticapting getting my hands on this. So eager that I couldn’t wait for Amazon to sort out their supply issue with it[1], and bought it in my local Waterstone’s. Their copies were those large sized “trade” paperbacks, rather like the “exclusive editions” that W H Smith like to sell at airports, but as they were also signed copies (the man himself had been in the week before, but I missed him, mutter), that was quite satisfactory.

So, what do we have here? Imminent End of the World? Yup! Unlikely hero? Yup! Laszlo Woodbine talking toot? You bet! Hey, even Elvis is in this one, though this time he’s not accompanied by Barry the Time Sprout.

Look, if you’re a Rankin fan, you’re most likely going to love this – it’s got all the usual nonsense (including a song dedicated to the author), plus some extra special nonsense involving George Formby, the truth[2] about what went on in World War II, rock and roll, drugs (but a distinct lack of sex[3]), a really nasty villain (complete with lots of henchmen), insane alliteration, and much, much more.

It’s fun. It’s silly. And quite, quite mad. In a good way.

[1] They seem to have it now, so feel free to buy it through the link :grin:
[2] For a “Rankin” value of “truth”, that is
[3] For strictly plot-related reasons

4 thoughts on “Robert Rankin – Necrophenia

  1. Sam Judson

    I still think the mistake was funny though:

    Amazon to sort out their supply issue with it[1]

    [1] For a “Rankin” value of “truth”, that is.

    Has a certain ‘Rankin-esque’ logic to it :)

  2. Les Post author

    There is that. It tends to happen like that when I put a footnote early in the post, give it plenty of space to breathe while I type some more stuff, then forget about it when I come to the next thing that’s in need of a footnote.

    I fully expect to one day publish a post with six [1] footnotes…

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