Blackadder – The Complete Collection

Deep joy :bouncy: :bouncy: There was a previous “complete” Blackadder collection a few years ago, but that only contained the four full series, omitting the essential and quite wonderful Blackadder’s Christmas Carol, which has to be the most delightfully subverise and funny take on the familiar Scrooge story[1] ever seen.

So when this collection, which also includes the lovely time-travelling Back and Forth[2] and the quite rarely seen The Cavalier Years[3], I was definitely interested. But not at the original price of around £60, thank you very much. However, Amazon offered it to me for £25, which made it an essential purchase. It’s a wee bit more expensive now, but if you’re a fan of Blackadder, it’s well worth a look.

The only special feature is “Baldrick’s Video Diary”, a quite nice behind the scenes thingy.

[1] It involves the white sheep of the Blackadder family being converted to the proper ways of evil…
[2] Originally shown in the Millennium Dome
[3] A short episode for Comic Relief in 1988. I hadn’t seen it before