Red Dwarf Returns!

BBC News reports that the oddly named digital channel Dave is bringing back Red Dwarf for an Easter weekend special.[1] It’s been quite a while since the last series, which personally I thought took a bit of a wrong turn, and lost a lot of the charm of the earlier ones. It was still funny, though. Apparently the new episodes will involve the gang finally making it back to Earth, so they should be definitively final[2].

BBC NEWS | Entertainment | Red Dwarf voyages back to Earth

And just to show how quick off the mark BBC News is, how they’ve got their fingers on the pulse of popular culture, and don’t miss a thing, here’s the original, official announcement from the official Red Dwarf site:

New Red Dwarf Specials Confirmed

You’ll notice that the article is dated as recently as 19 September 2008. Only four months ago, which suggests that BBC News is getting quicker to react…

[1] Looks like my V+ box will get a lot to do that weekend, as that’s when the next Doctor Who special is expected to be shown. And I’ll be working. For the whole four-day weekend. :cry:
[2] Probably