January 2009 Round-up

Who’d have thought it? January is over already, which means it must be time for the traditional[1] end of month report.


January 1: 216 pounds (15 stone 6 pounds, 98 kg)
January 31: 213.4 pounds (15 stone 3.4 pounds, 96.8 kg)
Difference: A quite probably random fall of 2.6 pounds (1.2 kg)

This month’s weight figures were a lot more stable than last month’s.


Hmmm. Slightly mixed here. I have generally, speaking been mostly good at lunchtimes during the working week. Most days, I’ve managed to get by on just one sandwich, though this has occasionally been a footlong from Subway. I have been slightly naughty and had a Greggs sausage roll or two a few times, but on a lot fewer days than in recent months.

And I’ve been trying to cook better meals at home, though some of these might not be all that compatible with the aim of losing weight….


Still generally failing at the planned walking to work thing.


This seems to have picked up a wee bit. Including this report, the total for January will be 65, the highest since July last year, when I was in posting mania mode. I can only presume that being back in my own space is making me type more, or something. And there’s more to come – I have some DVDs and toys to write about…


I need to kick-start my photography motor again – there’s lots going on that I should be pointing my camera at, but I don’t seem to be getting around to it. I’ve still got things to sort out at home, and there will be some interesting times ahead at work, so I should have plenty to keep me busy…

[1] Well, I’ve been doing them for long enough for them to be a tradition of sorts…