I’d often wondered that…

Well, not that often, but I’m sure most people with even a moderate degree of curiosity have wondered where they’d end up if they dug a hole straight down, through the centre of the Earth and then straight up the other side.

People in Britain tend to think of Australia, and I understand that people in America think of China, as being the likely destination. Well, this useful Google Maps mashup has the answers:

Tall Eye – If I dig a very deep hole, where will I end up?

Surf on the map below, choose where you will dig your hole and click there. After this, click on “Dig here!” and you will see the place where, one day, you will (believe me) put your feet.

It seems that digging down from Saltwell Park (much easier to dig from there, so long as the geese don’t get in the way) would bring me up in the sea somewhere south of New Zealand, so I suppose I’d better not try that….