Weekend cooking type things

I’m still trying to make good use of my shiny new kitchen. I’m making a habit of having something tasty[1] for breakfast at weekends, and I’m managing to vary this a bit to keep things interesting.

I didn’t have any mushrooms left yesterday[2], so after the deliveries I’d been waiting for arrived[3] and I’d unpacked my toys[4], I decided to do something with what I had. Rather than filling a bagel with everything to hand, I decided to have some enhanced[5] scrambled eggs on a toasted bagel accompanied by the last two rashers of bacon that were in the fridge. That was very nice indeed, and set me up nicely for going shopping.

Today, I reverted to my current favourite breakfast: sliced mushrooms lightly fried in garlic butter[6], some bacon and an egg. This was all squeezed into a toasted sesame seed bagel[7] with a little squeeze of brown sauce, and accompanied by a large glass of apple juice. Lovely.

And for the first time in lots of years, I did myself a nice little stir fry for dinner. Nothing too complicated – just some lean chicken breast cut into small pieces, a packet of mixed peppers, beansprouts and other bits and some sauce. Quick and easy to prepare, and very tasty.

More food reports to come!

[1] And possibly not entirely healthy
[2] I remedied this when I went to Tesco’s
[3] Both well before 9am, which was good
[4] I may mention those later
[5] My usual scrambled egg recipe is quite basic, though I do use garlic butter to make them more interesting. This time I added a chopped fresh chilli, which made them very interesting indeed
[6] I may have mentioned that garlic and mushrooms are a wonderful combination
[7] The fresh ones from Tesco’s in store bakery are nicer than the packet ones.