Weight Report – 7 February 2009

Well, that makes a (small) change! Today’s weight is a wee bit lower than yesterday’s.

And today, I actually managed a bit of walking! After the usual Saturday trip to Tesco’s (walked there, got the bus back, as usual), I had a quick snack, then decided to go to Retail World (retail park thingy in the Team Valley). I was nearly put off by the weather, but the light snow seemed to have given up, so off I went. It takes about half an hour to get there, so it was much the same as walking to work, only in the opposite direction.

I had a bit of a wander, got some bits and bobs and the new toaster I actually went out for[1]. As I was wandering between shops, laughing at the products and prices in PC World, it did rain a bit, but not that much. Anyway, having got what I wanted, I decided to head for home. Now there’s a point where I could have waited for a bus. But this would have involved going into Gateshead and getting another bus home, so it would have taken much longer than just walking, and anyway, the exercise would be good for me. So naturally, once I’d got past the point where heading back for the bus would be worth the effort, it decided to send the bloody cold driving rain into me! So I got a bit soggy on the way back. But never mind, I’m home now, I’ve got a working toaster[4], and those nice Tesco people delivered the wine I ordered. And now I’m starting to catch up on all the posting I should have been doing all week…

[1] I sort of killed the other one :oops: [2]
[2] It had manually adjustable slot width, and I might have squeezed a bagel too much, so that it burnt a bit. And because it was squeezed, the burnt bit must have shorted the element thingy, leading to a bit of it breaking. This blew the fuse in the plug, and proved that the magic circuit breakers work. Fun[3]
[3] New toaster does not have a manually adjustable slot width.
[4] Very useful for my bacon, mushroom and egg thingies that I like to have at weekends