All Souls Church at Night

On most of my London trips, I stay at the quite nice St Georges Hotel on Langham Place. There are a number of reasons I keep going back there:

  • It’s handy for the office (and even more so since the office relocated north of Oxford Street)
  • It’s a pleasant place to stay, with a convenient Pizza Express next door
  • The company has an account

But the biggest reason for me is the view. The hotel occupies the upper part of a building (the first eight floors belong to the BBC), with the lowest rooms being on the ninth floor, and the restaurant on the 15th. Depending on where my room is, I get to see some nice bits of London from a good position. Last week I had an amazing view from my breakfast table – it was a clear day, so I could clearly see the huge arch of Wembley Stadium, and from the other side of the building, I could see past the financial district and St Paul’s all the way to Canary Wharf.

And the night before, I got this picture from my room. It’s the quite lovely All Souls Church, nicely lit up. What I like about this picture is the way the transmitter on Broadcasting House sort of echoes the spire of the church.

All Souls, Night

All Souls, Night

Taken from a hotel room

Or maybe that’s just me.