LR2/Blog – A new Lightroom plugin-in

I use a few plug-ins with Lightroom – mostly Jeffrey Friedl’s quite excellent Flickr exporter, but I’ve also made use of Timothy Armes’ LR/Mogrify to add borders and captions to pictures – it’s nothing I couldn’t do in Photoshop, but as I’m already in Lightroom to process the image, it saves loading the Big Beast. Timothy releases his tools as “donation ware” – basically, you can download a free version which has some limitation or other (will only process a single image at a time, or some such), but if you wave an arbitrary sum of money at him, he’ll let you have the full version. I’m quite happy with that, and I’ve been meaning to have a play with some of his other tools.

Anyway, this morning, I read that he’s got a new one in the works: LR2/Blog, which is designed to post images directly to WordPress from Lightroom. Apparently it will work in much the same way as posting from Flickr, which works quite well for me. I’ll be giving it a try, and I’ll write it up afterwards, but I thought it was worth mentioning now. Get it while it’s fresh!

Timothy Armes’ LR2/Blog

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