A Phone Too Far?

This is a picture of my desk at work

Telephonic Overload

Telephonic Overload

Apart from the general mess, you might notice a slight surplus of phones. On that one desk, I have:

  1. Work mobile (on the right)
  2. Personal mobile (on the left)
  3. Proper office phone (to the left of the screen)
  4. Helpdesk phone (to the right, at the back)[1]
  5. New proper office phone (not actually working yet[2])

I think that’s at least a phone or two too many. Fortunately, the desk phones will be reduced from three to one before too long….

[1] Due to limitations of the current[3] phone system, the only way we can have a group number spanning two sites is for the Newcastle victims users to have extra phones that are actually extensions on the Leeds phone switch[4]
[2] It’s alive, but doesn’t seem to be talking to the remote hosted system properly. The relevant people are working on it. Apparently
[3] Soon to be former. The limitation could be addressed by spending large sums of money, which we decided not to do.
[4] And it’s so nice when that phone rings a lot when I’m talking to someone on the other one…

5 thoughts on “A Phone Too Far?

  1. Les Post author

    That’s OK, with the new phone system, I can easily divert calls somewhere else. Your mobile, for instance. Then if you try to call me, the call will be diverted to itself, create a paradox, a black hole, and quite possibly the End of the Universe.

    Cool! :grin:

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