Daily Archives: Monday, 16th Mar 2009

And while I’m admitting things…

Part of the weekend work involved linking some new data switches (in temporary use on the ground floor) to the main switch (on the second floor for a few more weeks). Once those were hooked up, we hooked up the computers and phones that we’d moved to the rewired part of the office (this area is wired back to the new server room on the ground floor, while the rest of the office is still wired to the second floor for now).

I then spent a ridickerous amount of time wondering why the phones wouldn’t work. :huh: :huh:

At first, they tried getting IP addresses from the new phone system we’re deploying soon, but as those handsets don’t work with that system, that wouldn’t work. I realised that the new data switches needed a slight reconfiguration to stop the phones talking to that bit of network. I did that, which stopped them talking to the wrong system, but they then sat there saying

Oi??? Where’s my IP address? Why can’t I have some DHCP, eh???

Or words to that effect. I spent some more time scratching my head and looking at the switch configurations, and had a bit of trouble working out why the server that I’d personally switched off on the previous evening wouldn’t dish out IP addresses to the phones. :duh: :duh: :duh: :oops: :oops: :crazy: :rofl:

Once the server was running, all the phones woke up. Well, all the other ones, that is. The ones we’d moved still didn’t want to play. But that was an easy fix – it seems that when the switches were set up (not by me, I hasten to add), the phone ports were all put in the VLAN for the new phones, and not the VLAN for the old phones. A little bit of typing later, and it all worked. Woo, hoo, etc.

Please keep your laughing and general mockery to a minimum.

Aha! So that’s what it was!

Regular readers will have noticed that the sidebar on this site has been a wee bit borked for a while. It happened when I stopped using a fancy plugin to open and close bits of it, and reverted to using normal widgets. In the process, I made a few changes here and there, which resulted in the sidebar stretching itself and generally breaking (on my Acer Aspire One’s little screen, it broke totally). Anyway, I looked at it, and couldn’t at the time work out which bits of the stylesheet were wrong, and I didn’t have the time, energy or mental focus to sort it out.

But this morning, fresh from that fun weekend at work, I decided to have a quick look. I used the Firefox developer’s toolbar extension to look at the CSS while I viewed the source of the generated page. And sure enough, the stylesheet had lots of stuff controlling the sidebar, but none of  it seemed to be working. Then I saw it. The sidebar is in a <div> tag. Now that’s fine. But the page was identifying this as an id (easy to spot by the # by its name) and the CSS was talking about a class (easy to spot by the . by its name). :duh: :duh: :duh:

A quick edit to the stylesheet, and order was restored….

Yes, yes, more backlog….

Had a fun[1][3] weekend[4] at work, so there was no time for posting any of my usual nonsense. Catching up may resume soonish.

[1] Getting most of our toys[2] moved down two floors to a new server room.
[2] Servers, mostly.
[3] The fun bit was making sure everything still worked after being moved…
[4] Two 10 hour+ days  :cry: