March 2009 Round-up

Well, that’s March out of the way. And while observant readers may have noticed that I haven’t actually got round to the February end of month report[1], it’s time for this month’s summary.


March 1: 218 pounds (15 stone 8 pounds, 98.9 kg)
March 31: 215.4 pounds (15 stone 5.4 pounds, 97.7 kg)
Difference: A fall of 2.6 pounds (1.2 kg), made more dramatic by the unexpected bloatage on the first of the month

Totally random fluctuations were the main feature of March.


Not done at all well this month. Too many sausage rolls, and a possible excess of bacon and the like at weekends. And possibly more bottles of wine than normal, too.


Remarkably little of that has gone on. Walking has been occasional only.


Well, I had a bit of a dip for much of the month, relieved only by automagic posts relating to my day’s Twitter activity. However, I seem to have picked up a bit in the last few days, and caught up with some stuff. Total for March is 77 79 80 including this report, some random Twitterage, and including  a few posts following this one.


Still not doing much photography, though I did get out a couple of times. Still too much going on at work…

[1] It may appear later. How much later remains to be seen[2]
[2] Not that much later, as it turned out