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April 2009 Round-up

And there’s another month gone already. Quite shocking how all this time keeps passing, really. Anyway, here’s the usual monthly summary thingy.


April 1: 216.8 pounds (15 stone 6.8 pounds, 98.3 kg)
April 30: 217.4 pounds (15 stone 7.4 pounds, 98.6 kg)
Difference: An insignificant rise of 0.6 pounds (0.3 kg)

Lots of random up and down stuff again this month.


Much the same as last month.  Too many sausage rolls, and a possible excess of bacon and the like at weekends. And possibly more bottles of wine than normal, too. Though I’ve slowed down on the wine over the last week or two


Apart from some odd bits of furniture shifting, there hasn’t been any of this.


Somewhat more this month, apart from a lull this week. Total, including this post is 96. Still got some reviews to write, so there’s more to come…


Finally, we seem to be finished with the hard work, noise, mess and stress of the move around at work, and things are beginning to settle down to what passes for normal there. With all that off my mind, and a long-awaited week off coming up[1], I might just get back to some photography soon.

[1] Most years, I take a week at Easter, but with all the fun and games[2], I didn’t have a chance this time
[2] And me being nice, and letting my staff have some time off last week

Normal service will resume soon

Yes, I’ve been a bit quiet for the last few days. Been a bit tired, so I haven’t been up to posting much, in fact I’ve hardly even twittered. I’ll catch up a bit tomorrow, which will be the day for the exciting monthly round up…