Doctor Who Easter Special – times revealed

The first of the four specials will be shown on Saturday 11 April at 6:45pm on BBC One and the BBC HD Channel :bouncy: :bouncy: . There will be a repeat on BBC Three the following day and there will be a further repeat on Easter Monday, 13 April on BBC One. so if you want to see it in HD, make sure to catch it on the Saturday. My V+ box will be recording it, of course.

And there’s a trailer available here. It’s a BBC iPlayer thingy, so may not be available outside the UK. It’ll probably be on YouTube somewhere, though…

3 thoughts on “Doctor Who Easter Special – times revealed

  1. Les Post author

    Naah, the Christmas special was the standard one. There are still four to come, and according to Doctor Who magazine, the current plan is that they’ll all be shown this year (one version was that they’d be spread out more into early 2010).

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