Logitech Harmony One – Interim Report

Well, I’ve had my Logitech Harmony One Advanced Remote Control for nearly three months, so I thought it was time for an update. Three months is generally long enough for the novelty of a new toy to wear off, and is longer than I’ve ever been able to put up with the limitations of any previous multi-function remote. Well, since I bought it, I’ve replaced both my TV and DVD player[1], which gave me some more practice in setting up the remote. I had no trouble adding my new toys, and updating the Activities to work with them instead of the previous ones.

And the real test is this: I can’t remember the last time I touched any of the individual remote controls belonging to my toys – not even the V+ box, which I’d half expected to be an awkward one. This thing really does work, and I’m still happy with it.

I’ll follow up with a long term report later in the year. Assuming I’m still using it, that is.

[1] I needed the DVD player to take advantage of the facilities the new TV has to offer. I may report on those toys at some point.