Primeval – Series 3, Episode 2

Now that was a nice fun episode. Following on from last week’s fun, Cutter has devised a suitably silly device that somehow plots the times and places of previous anomalies[1], and allows predictions of possible future anomalies. Naturally, it predicts a location but it’s a bit vague about the time. Jenny, Connor and Abby head to a nicely abandoned house. In a pre-titles sequence, we’ve seen Something Nasty happen to some kids in that house fourteen years earlier, so it’s probably the right place.

After much confusion and subplottery[2][3], we find that the trouble is caused by some creature from the future with big ears, big teeth and a really cool camouflage ability. An anomaly shows up and it nearly escapes, but Danny[6] shoots it a bit.

Aaaaaaaand finally, Helen breaks into Cutter’s house to steal a bit of hair from his comb and some saliva from a glass. Oh dear, does she want to make an extra Nick Cutter? Surely one is plenty?

It looks like things are going to get very interesting next week, with a wee bit of Helen-induced bother in the ARC.

No sharks were jumped, trampled or otherwise disturbed in this episode.

[1] Including conjectured ones from the past, based on the idea that if there’s a myth about a monster, there must have been an anomaly in the vicinity
[2] Helen gets one of her cloned thugs into the Arc, where he’s shot dead. Cutter’s surprised to see him, as last time he saw him he was busy being eaten.
[3] Detective Constable Danny Quinn gets in the way, arrests Connor for being excessively chirpy[4], and ends up quitting his job. He’ll probably be back[5]
[4] Well, that wasn’t what he said it was for, but I’m sure it was a contributing factor
[5] Turns out his brother was one of the kids who we saw at the beginning, and who hasn’t been seen since. Danny thinks the sole survivor, Ryan Mason did it.
[6] If you’re saying “who?”, you should have read the earlier footnotes :tongue: