Good service…

Last Friday, I mentioned that I’d ordered an upgrade to Virgin Media’s 50mb broadband service. Well, so far, so good. Within minutes of completing the form, I got an email thanking me for my otder. On Saturday morning, I got an actual confirmation email, telling me that they would indeed install on my first choice of date, and that they’d send me a letter confirming my new charges. That’s just how things should work, but often don’t, so nice work there.

Another development is that 50Mb customers get a free Wireless-N router. The website suggested it would arrive after a few weeks, so I promptly forgot all about it. When I got home last night, I found a card from UPS telling me they’d tried to deliver something. Not knowing what it was, I logged on to their website and requested that they deliver the whateveritwas to the office. UPS seem to be well organised for this kind of thing, as it was delivered this morning. Nice. And it was indeed my new router.

The new one is a Netgear – I’ve generally used Linksys routers, but I was quite happy to have a look at a shiny new one. Set up was quite simple, as is generally the case with such things these days, and it’s working nicely. It has a few features the Linksys didn’t:

  1. Built in Dynamic DNS support. Ooooh, nice. Not that running a client on the Mac is a big deal, but it’s one less process to use resources…
  2. Logs!!! Yes!!! The basic Linksys doesn’t let you see what’s been trying to connect to your network. This one logs legitimate connections and attacks. And it will email the logfiles to you if you like that kind of thing. Very nice.

Now I’ve just got to wait for my shiny new cable modem to be installed….

8 thoughts on “Good service…

  1. Twisty

    I’ve tried to tell you about Netgear before. ;-) But seriously – 50MB broadband?!? I’m so green you should start calling me Kermit. Don’t forget to upgrade any/all wireless NICs to N and perhaps take a look at DD-WRT (customized enhanced bandwidth monitoring, etc.)

  2. Les Post author

    Yeah, 50Mb, with 1.5Mb upstream (which is twice what I get now). They’ve set up a separate network for the new service, DOCSIS 3 and all that. For what I use, the bg card in the Aspire One is quick enough (though it actually feels quicker). Might see if the Apple TV likes it – the connection kept dropping with the Linksys, to the extent that I switched to HomePlug…

  3. Les Post author

    I won’t know for sure until I get a letter with my new package/discounts. Currently for 20Mb, XL TV package, landline with free weekend calls, I pay £55/month, which at the current unfortunate rate is around $80. Would have been $110 not that long ago

  4. Les Post author

    And did I mention that the TV package includes a PVR that can record two channels while you watch a third, plus TV on demand with programmes for the last week on major channels, and a library of older stuff?

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