Doctor Who – Watch Out For Neon

I don’t normally do much in the way of speculation about what’s going to happen in future episodes of Doctor Who, but just for once I think I wll, at the risk of looking very silly if I’m wrong…

Watch out for Neon, which seems to be some kind of mobile phone network. There were posters on the bus in Planet of the Dead, and my guess is that this was not just a random thingy.

So when we’ve all seen the concluding two-parter (whenever it’s on), feel free to come back to this post and lavish me with praise for getting it right. Or to point and laugh, as appropriate.

4 thoughts on “Doctor Who – Watch Out For Neon

  1. Anon

    I saw that, after re-watching episodes before the ATOMS thing and seeing the stickers for ATMOS in the windows of cabs and cars for the whole season before it came on I decided to pay more attention.

  2. Logan

    It’s also worth noting it may have some connection with The Master, given his history with telecoms because of his Archangel Network in season 3. Naismith, is the Joseph Naismith who wrote “Fighting The Future” which is seen being held by the Doctor in an upcoming special. And the element Neon’s atomic number is 10, and these are the last stories of the Tenth Doctor.

  3. The DOCTOR

    My brother and I always try to pick up things like this from doctor who, we spotted tourchwood and ATMOS! Here were hoping were write, I’m sure we, and you, are write, doctor who is always planned about 4 seasons ahead anywa Nothing is a coincedence in doctor who.

    Doctor who is the BEST! David Tenneant is the BEST!!!!!

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