Red Dwarf – Back to Earth

Now that was serious fun. Bringing back a show after such a long gap, with the original cast is one of those things that could have been an embarrassing disaster, or just not very good, and ending up ruining your memories of the original version. However, the just-finished three part story Back to Earth managed to avoid the pitfalls and managed to be both proper Red Dwarf and nicely updated.

The story involves the boys from the Dwarf discovering that they don’t in fact exist – they are characters in a TV series called, well, Red Dwarf. With the aid of a little transdimensional wossnames, they travel to a bizarre world, which looks remarkably like early 21st century Earth, where they learn that the TV show is about to end. Apparently, after the tenth series[1], the creator decided to bring it to an end in a story called Back to Earth

And yes, it’s loads of fun, and manges to come to a conclusion that leaves it wide open for a full return of the series. While the BBC apparently can’t be bothered, it seems digital channel Dave are quite keen, so we may yet see more of Lister, Rimmer, the Cat and Kryten.

The whole thing felt like proper Red Dwarf – more so than much of the last series, come to think of it, albeit with better effects.

Oh, and there are some outrageously silly Blade Runner gags. Nice.

For those without UK digital TV, it’ll be out on DVD soon.

[1] The last two of which didn’t exist on the Earth I live on, dammit

2 thoughts on “Red Dwarf – Back to Earth

  1. Martin

    I thought it was atrocious, a complete insult to the series. The scale of meta-reference was ridiculous and lead for some self-congratulatory Coronation Street/Dave/DVD boxset references, insultingly bad jokes, a storyline which didn’t flow at all, repeated alternate-universe ideas, and a feeble Blade Runner parody. I’m by no means a Red Dwarf die-hard (and preferred the comic elements to the serious sci-fi) but I found this embarassingly awful, and can understand why it supposedly wasn’t even offered to the BBC.

    1. Les Post author

      Interesting…. I rather liked it, for many of the reasons you didn’t. Personally, I like a good bit of self-referential silliness now and then. For me, this was more “proper” Red Dwarf than Series 8 was.

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