Robin Hood – Lost in Translation

More silliness this week, with the Sheriff managing to blackmail an Abbot with a secret into declaring Robin and gang to be heretics who need to be slightly warmed at the stake. Apparently the Abbot has been working on a translation of the Bible into English[1] for the last ten years. The Sheriff has stolen his work and is threatening to burn it if the Abbot doesn’t order the burning of Robin.  Tuck challenges the Abbot, but he stands firm in his resolve to not do what he should, even when the Sheriff does a bit of grave robbing and tells everyone that the hand he’s just dug up is that of Saint Luke, and that Big Bad Robin had been trying to steal it. Remarkably, despite all their prior knowledge of the Sheriff being a lying weasel, they appear to believe him…

The gang are captured yet again, and only escape incineration at the last minute when the Abbot changes his mind, denounces the Sheriff and the crowd realise they’ve been conned. Again.

And once again we see the problem: the Sheriff is in fact a Bond Villain. Instead of just killing Robin immediately when he’s captured, he has to go for the big dramatic stuff, in the open where there’s lots of scope for dramatic escape or rescue. Silly Sheriff.

Guy is still away, having that nice chat with Prince John. Knowing Guy, he’ll have spilled everything he knows about the Sheriff and when he returns, he’ll be working for John while pretending to help the Sheriff. Or vice versa. Or both.

Still quite the daftest thing on TV.

[1] Against the rules. Can’t have the peasants knowing what it really says, etc