Primeval – Series 3, Episode 3

Things are getting a little more serious in Primeval. The latest episode, which I’ve just caught up with, took things in a direction I wasn’t expecting.

While Cutter and the gang investigate a strange sparkly thing anomaly that’s popped up in a hospital (cute little critters with big teeth, woman giving birth, jouranlist after the truth, etc), Helen and her cloned army invade the ARC, aided by a cloned copy of Cutter.

All good stuff, with Connor managing to sabotage Helen’s army. But the Cutterclone sets off a big bomb which makes a bit of a mess. Helen finally explains what she’s up to – apparently those nasty future predators will be created by Cutter at some point, leading to the destruction of life on Earth as we know it. Cutter suggests that this is a load of dingo’s kidneys, but Helen is quite insistent on the point. She also wants Cutter to tell her what that odd artifact is for.

Helen manages to get trapped in the burning wreckage of the ARC, so Cutter quite naturally decides to rescue her, which proves to be a bad move, as she shoots him before disappearing. Connor gets a bit heroic and goes in to find Cutter. Cutter gives Connor the artifact and tells him to find out what it’s for, as it seems to be important. And then Cutter seems to die.

Is Cutter really dead? Will he stay that way, or will there be some temporal jiggery-pokery that will restore him to the grumpy state we all know and love? And if he does come back, will he get his hair cut? All this will presumably be revealed in future episodes.

Good stuff, and getting better. Looks like next week we’ll be back to some serious dinosaur action…

2 thoughts on “Primeval – Series 3, Episode 3

  1. Gerard McGarry

    I’m getting increasingly sucked in by Primeval – Cutter’s death was unexpected, but probably needed for the series to progress. I wonder if the ARC is completely destroyed and we’re about to see a major shift in focus for the series?

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