Primeval – Series 3, Episode 4

After the shocking death of Cutter last week, the remains of the team are repairing the damage at the ARC[1].

Meanwhile, the sinister Christine Johnson and her soldiers are having fun playing with their own strange sparkly thing anomaly and one of those lovely future predators. Seems they want to be able to control and use them, which suggests that Helen’s reason for killing Cutter and trying to destroy the ARC was based on a mistaken impression – she targeted the wrong set of anomalists[2]. Silly Helen.

Lester puts Jenny in charge of the team until a permanent replacement for Cutter can be found. Connor wants to finish his strange sparkly thing anomaly sealing kit, but is told to get the detector working first, on the grounds that if you can’t find one, you won’t have anything to seal. Back at the government secret base, Christine Johnson orders the disposal of the future predator, even after one of her minions points out that this will require turning off the cloaking device[3]. It would appear that they can indeed hide an anomaly, becuase soon afterward, the ARC’s detector goes off, and the team rush to an apparently empty building, where they meet some soldiers and Christine, who tells them to go away, that there are no strange sparkly things anomalies here, and that James Lester has no authority here either. While they’re having that nice chat, the journalist who’s been sneaking around smashes Jenny’s car window and steals her portable detector…

Back at the ARC, there’s a development in the Connor/Abby, will they/won’t they romantic subplot when Connor takes a call on Abby’s phone from a guy called Jack. Abby leaves soon afterwards…

And then another anomaly is detected. While the team dither about taking Connor’s nearly finished sealing thingy, the journalist, his editor, a film crew and a tame dinosaur expert arrive at the location first. In an aircraft hangar, there’s a really big strange sparkly thing anomaly.

Connor and Jenny are first on the scene, where they’re met by the journalist, who tricks them into going into a storage unit and locks them in. All this is being watched by a man on a motorbike – who’s he?

Back in the hangar, the expert and the media mob are charmed by the appearance of a sweet little baby velociraptor. They’re somewhat less charmed by the arrival soon after of a very large carnivore, which we later find out is a Giganotosaurus – think T Rex, only bigger and with more useful forelimbs. While the “G Rex”, as it’s affectionately known, has lunch, Connor and Jenny are rescued by the mysterious biker, who turns out to be Danny Quinn, the now former policeman who arrested Connor a couple of weeks ago. I said he’d be back.[4]

And from there, it’s pretty traditional Primaval dinosaur fun. Lots of chasing, people in peril, Connor managing to trip up the dino with a baggage carrier wagon thingy, Connor coming withing seconds of being eaten and Danny saving everyone with the aid of a helicopter. Danny flies the chopper into the strange sparkly thing anomaly, followed by the dinosaur. Just as Jenny orders Connor to seal the strange sparkly thing anomaly, Danny comes running out, warning that there’s a herd of the things behind him. The strange sparkly thing anomaly is sealed, and everyone[5] lives to fight another day…

Jenny wants Danny arrested as he obviously knows too much, but he gets away and rides off on his bike. And yes, of course he’ll be back….

And finally, that little Connor/Abby thing: it turns out that Jack is Abby’s younger brother, so that’s OK.

More fun next week with something nasty in a lovely location.

[1] Lots of broken bits, not much smoke damage
[2] That probably isn’t a proper word, or the proper use of it if it is one, but I don’t care, so there
[3] OK, so there are Romulans involved now?
[4] The fact that Jason Flemyng, who plays Danny, is now listed first in the credits had nothing to do with that…
[5] Apart from those eaten or otherwise killed, of course

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