Acer Aspire One – Progress Report 3

Well, it’s been a while since the last report on my ickle notebook, so I thought I’d do a quick update. The main reason for the lack of reports has been, well, there’s been nothing to report. It’s been working nicely with Ubuntu Netbook Remix – Firefox does all I want, though the Evolution mail client tended to be a bit slow connecting to my IMAP account. But it was quite acceptable.

But hey, it’s April, and that means it’s time for a new version of Ubuntu! Yes, Ubunto 9.04, or Jaunty Jackalope, is due for final release in a day or so. And this time, hte Netbook Remix is entirely official and not a side project. I decided to give the release candidate a go, after backing up my current installation. I grabbed the Netbook Remix image file, and moved it to a handy USB memory stick[1]. Installation was a very smooth process indeed. It offered the choice of partitioning the disk and keeping my old installation or wiping it and starting afresh. I went for the “total destruction” option, as I had a backup, and the few files I need to keep are on an SD card anyway. It copied all the files and rebooted nicely. No errors, and no manual tweaking or fiddling needed to make the Aspire One’s wireless work. Still no activity lights, but I don’t need (or particularly want) those anyway.

Once I’d entered the key for my wireless network, it connected to the internet as normal, and well, just worked. Jackalope comes with Firefox 3.0.x, OpenOffice 3 and a slightly refreshed look.

Get it here

All being well, it should automagically update to the final release once that’s been, err, released.

[1] Methods for this vary depending on whether you’re doing it under Linux, Windows or Mac OS X. Do the reading :grin: