Printer sharing….

Now that was nice. I’ve been managing shared printers on Windows (and even Netware and DOS) networks for a few years now[1], and while it generally works, there are times when it’s a bit too fiddly. Either too many clicks, or a failure to load drivers, or just general awkwardness.

Having finished arranging my desks[3], I reconnected my Canon printer and did a test print from the Mac Mini. Then I decided to see how easy it would be to add it to the MacBook. I selected the Print option from Firefox, which told me I didn’t have any printers, but did offer a “add printer” button[4]. It found both the Canon and the little photoprinter. I asked it to connect to the bigger printer, which it did with no fuss at all. All very nice, really.

[1] Exact number a closely-guarded secret[2]
[2] Or maybe I just can’t remember
[3] I got a side table to go with the main desk. Unfortunately, it was about 10mm too wide to fit across the wall of my home office. So I got some “Elephant feet” – risers to bring it above the level of the main desk
[4] A very good place to have one, too