Relaxation update

I had to get up early to let a building contractor in to do a quick job[1], and as he arrived even earlier than promised, I had some time to kill before going to work this morning[2], so I got on and did something: I moved my old desk[3] up to the bedroom and finally got round to setting up my smaller TV, the old DVD player and a Freeview box. So now I can watch TV and DVDs in bed should the need arise. Or if I feel especially lazy. The only problem was that the powered TV aerial I need to get a decent Freeview signal hums quite noticeably unless it’s powered off at the socket. Now having to get out of bed to switch something off is contrary to the general principle of watching TV in bed, so I invested in a remote control power strip.  This is a simple enough gadget – the plug has a receiver and you use the supplied remote to power the strip on or off. The remote can control up to 16 plugs, which is clever stuff, and saves all that power used by things being left on standby.

[1] Resealing the shower, if you really want to know
[2] I could have gone in early, but as I knew I’d have no chance of leaving early to make up for it, decided not to
[3] As seen here